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The Sacred 6

By aligning his mission, values, and goals, JB was able to form an action plan and achieve his vision of a fulfilling career of guiding others toward realizing their inner purpose balanced with his passions of family, golf, and writing—all with a three-hour workday.

An insightful and entertaining raconteur, JB weaves his personal tale of trials and triumph into his time-tested steps for creating a joyful and fulfilling life.

Get Out Of Neutral
Get Out Of Neutral

This is the book that started it all.

On this journey you will learn how to manifest the life experience you desire. Calling on the wisdom of the ages you will learn how to enrich your life not only spiritually but also financially.

Join him on this journey of wisdom and understanding. Using metaphysical principles and esoteric wisdom JB Glossinger shows you how to find these secrets.

It is time for you to find the true happiness, peace and wealth that is your birthright.

Intelligent Life Design Silver Course
Intelligent Life Design Silver Course

Learn why you self sabotage and how to defeat it.
Use your mind and scientific truths to design your life.
Find true Metaphysical principles.
Explode into true understanding

The course is designed to help ground you in positive principles of self-improvement and personal development. Intelligent Life Design is an explosive personal development course designed by JB Glossinger, MBA, PHD. JB Glossinger is the founder of, a worldwide consultant on human performance and one of the most sought after life coaches of our time.