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Intelligent Life Design


Intelligent Life Design™

(ILD) Intelligent Life Design™ is about freedom and choices. It is about building a lifestyle around the things you love to do and make a living doing it.

It encompasses many aspects of life such as planning the financials, structuring how to do it, and more importantly the secrets of working on the fringes of the system. This is the course that can transform everything for you.

Ultimate Goal Setting & Tracking Using Free Tools

Are you not hitting your goals? Tired of not being organized? This is the course that will let into the secrets of how to finally get organized and hit your goals.

You are going to learn techniques and how to use free tools to finally hit your goals and stay on top of them. This course will teach you discipline that will lead to freedom.

Sacred 6 Course

Not clear on what you want to do? This is the course for you!

JB has developed a Sacred Six process, adaptable to each person’s core principles, “keystone” positive habits, and unique goals. More than a simple self-help program, the Sacred Six process is about getting things done and focusing on one’s life story, encompassing their journey and purpose. 

Financial Fitness

If you are struggling financially and ready to get organized so it doesn’t happen again. Then this course is for you.

It is what it says a workout to get your finances in order. You will learn the three key areas of finance and how to finally be organized and free!

Motivation 101

Is it hard to just get off the couch? Or, do you start strong, but then give up fast? Whatever your motivational pattern, you can improve it. Break through your blocks and wake up eager to get up and get going!

Freedom 101

If you’ve had trouble emotionally letting go, if you’re feeling stuck, if you’re unable to to surrender to life, then this course will help you find the freedom you seek.

Wealth 101

Welcome to a new relationship with your money! It’s time to make friends with your money and learn how to treat it well.

Write A Book In 10 Weeks

JB teaches you techniques that you can use to write a book in 10 weeks.