John Witjenberg

John Witjenberg

Vice President of Asset Management at The InSite Group
Location: Florida, USA

Do you own hotels? Do you want to own hotels?

Your dreams are my business. I am a real estate investor and business strategist specializing in hospitality real estate. This means that I spend most of my time finding deals, raising money, and executing on business plans that empower all stakeholders.


John Witjenberg

I am obsessed with helping people reach their greatest potential.

I thrive in new challenges to find and communicate value where others only see the status quo.

In this way, I turn dreams into reality for myself and everyone that I touch.

I entered commercial real estate in 2010, and hotels found me in 2012.

Today, I apply my passions as a deal maker, asset manager, and strategic thinker.

My early career years revealed a passion to work in the service of others. As an economist at Fannie Mae, my efforts supported the US Treasury program that modified thousands of distressed mortgages. This saved the American Dream for many homeowners throughout the country. Before that, I was fortunate to work on passage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill in the US House of Representatives with a team of highly skilled and devoted military veterans and their advocates.

A deal becomes a deal when property meets financing by way of a well-conceived business plan. My favorite part of the deal is developing that business plan and communicating it to potential investors.

Hotel Investor Toolbox is my creative outlet. It aims to answer many of the questions that I had when starting in the business. The content and tools help investors build and grow the hotel investment business of their dreams.