Lee Kellogg

Lee Kellogg

Lee Kellogg is an independent retailer.
Location: New Mexico, USA

Her experience has provided a firm grounding in business operations, personnel, buying, training, and customer relations. Lee and her husband manufacture art rubber stamps that are sold world-wide. In addition to running her business she produces a daily podcast, Lee!, covering the gamut of topics including: creativity, health, life and anything else. A skilled creativity coach, Lee helper her clients through one on one and group sessions.


Lee Kellogg

Many years ago, Lee’s retail mentor had a daily podcast in which one episode featured JB as a guest. As Lee listened to JB she knew that Morning Coach was what she had been searching for to take her life to the next level. Without hesitation she joined, then a few years later, after attending several of JB’s events, Inner Circle.

Inner Circle provided the direction and growth opportunities that Lee was seeking for her next adventure in Life. As a result of participating in Inner Circle Lee has published her first book: “Healthy Creative Thinkers, A Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing Your Life.” The book covers over 15 years of coaching clients about their creativity and ultimately their health.

“My one piece of advice to someone looking to grow is to be patient. Keep at it, keep going and you will get there.”