Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Coach & Consultant at MJ3Coaching
Location: England

Mark Jones is a personal coach, sales and finance professional at IBM. His coaching practice has arisen from his 25 years in corporate experience. His goal is to devote his time to helping others find freedom and create the life they have always wanted.


Mark Jones

It was Mark’s coach that suggested he listen to JB on Hay House Radio. JB’s story resonated with him and that JB had already done what Mark was setting out to accomplish.

“Once I listened to Morning Coach, it was the daily motivation I needed to keep me focused and give me confidence to complete my vision” says Mark.

Mark feels that it was destiny to hear JB that has led him to joining the Morning Coach family and Round Table. Going to Florida had always been a dream of Mark’s, which he fulfilled by attending the Round Table events. For Mark, it is an example of surrendering on the life journey, trusting the path he was on was correct and that divine intervention would play a role.

Why join a mastermind such as Round Table: “Being part of a like-minded group of people is refreshing and motivation. The group helps me remind focus in achieving my goals.”