MorningCoach® 30 Day Challenge

It is time to take on the MorningCoach® 30 Day Challenge.

You may want to quit drinking, workout, learn a new instrument, build a business? Whatever it is you are after you must learn to be consistent with it. One of the main things I see in coaching is people want more accountability. The issue is having an accountability coach can be expensive. We have now added accountability to the MorningCoach® Daily Coaching System.

What do you have to do?

1. Be a member. If you have not started yet click here for our 7-day trial for only $1. (Join MorningCoach®)

2. Pick your challenge or challenges. Remember the Sacred 6, keep this simple.

3. Navigate in your course system to the community and post the challenge in the 30-day challenge area. Make sure you watch the video above for some super ninja tricks.

4. Check-in daily by putting a comment under the 30-day challenge post.

5. Meet the challenge. Do it for 30 consistent days, even weekends!

6. Decide if it now becomes a 90-day challenge.

This is a life changer IF you are willing to accept the challenge. The only thing to do next is to decide are you ready? Do you accept the MorningCoach® 30 day challenge?

JB Glossinger

MBA, Ph. D., is widely beloved as the Morning Coach, with a daily podcast that has been downloaded over 40 million times. A sought-after motivational keynote speaker and author of 3 books, JB is also a Mastermind group leader and a contributing writer for The Business Journals, a 43-paper network.

3 thoughts on “MorningCoach® 30 Day Challenge”

  1. This is a life charger indeed., consistency is KEY! Now I listen to morning coach daily on the treadmill . What a difference it makes on my day and life. I now look forward to taking this 30 challenge to learn the courses on morning and keep tract of finances and goals. This will help me stay focus and take me to to next level . This is invaluable support!

  2. Starting late but at least I’m starting. Fell off the morning coach wagon over a busy Fall and holiday month and I saw the difference. Need to get back on track through a heavy Q1 travel schedule to keep me focused. I am feeling that mental madness that the coach cast mentioned and need to stay positive. Opportunities are arisring to get on writing again. Focus on Journaling as the 3rd goal.


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