Patrice Bisiot

Patrice Bisiot

Founder at Image Impact Index | Intuitive Intelligence | Best-Selling Author | Keynote Speaker
Location: New York, USA

Personal brand and image coach to Celebrities and Business Leaders. I’ve been called a “style interventionist” because the changes I have my client make impact many areas of their lives, often dramatically and unexpectedly.


Patrice Bisiot

Patrice Bisiot is an industry-leading Image and Impact Consultant. Born in France, raised in Paris, Patrice has created an international following. Educated in hair styling in Paris, trained by masters in the US, topped off with course work in psychology, he is one of the most intuitive image consultants in the world.

Patrice Bisiot is now sharing his Intuitive Intelligence Methodology with business leaders and brands around the globe. From the runway to the red carpet to the board room, his clients benefit from his ability to help them understand the impact they make.

Still a kid at heart, he loves Marvel superheroes and reads the comic books whenever he can. As he says, “It’s in my DNA—because I love the idea of saving the world, making sure everyone is okay. Provider and nurturer, I always want to know how I can help, what I can do to fix the situation.”

Inner Circle has help Patrice reach a wider audience while focusing on a new approach to growing his business.

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