Roxanne Turner

Professional Development Advisor, at RBT Coaching LLC
Location: Colorado, USA

Roxanne Turner is a corporate, personal, and equestrian coach. Working outside the box, she identifies peoples strengths, processes and learning styles to help her clients realize their full potential.


Roxanne Turner

A friend of Roxanne’s suggested that she listen to Morning Coach. She was hooked instantly. While attending an event that JB was hosting in Fort Lauderdale, Roxanne got to sit in on a session of Inner Circle. Her eyes were opened at the interchange and support the group offered. When JB launched the Round Table group, she jumped at the chance to join.

As a result of joining Round Table Roxanne’s business has grown and increased her professional network. Round Table experiences have helped Roxanne realize that setbacks and triumphs she has experienced are normal to most entrepreneurs. Learning some of the technical sides to running a business at the sessions have also benefited her business and removed some of the stressors she was experiencing.

About Round Table, Roxanne says, “If you are looking to start or grow your business and are not sure where to start, JB and the group are a wealth of information and a community where everyone is willing to share their knowledge, provide you with constructive feedback, celebrate with you and kick your butt into gear!”