Shawn Moser

Shawn Moser

Business Coach at Manage2Excellence
Location: Smithfield, Utah, USA

Shawn started his career out of college opening a photography studio that he built to a multi-six figure business and later sold. He then spent the next 20+ years working as a business analyst, project manager, and sales manager.

His expertise through all these positions was in consulting clients on business solutions. In some cases, his consulting resulted in a business staying open and in others, it was improving processes for higher efficiency and profit. Shawn’s passion is in analyzing what a business needs and then helping find and implement those systems.

Now Shawn is bringing this depth of knowledge to entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed and need help implementing systems to launch or scale their business, especially in the online service industry.


Shawn Moser

Growing up I was determined to never work for a corporation. In 1994 when I started a photography studio I was driven to succeed which gave me the energy to work around the clock on my business. After the realization that my professional success was coming at the expense of failing in my personal life, I decided to sell my business and seek a better work/life balance. The problem was that I had no idea what else to do. I ended up with an entry-level job at a software company in 1999. Over the next twenty years, I consulted struggling companies, helped with process improvements, implemented systems, became a certified project manager, a leading sales executive, and finished a degree in business management. I had a beautiful wife, five amazing kids, a house overlooking the valley and a great income, life was good, yet I was miserable.

In 2015 I went on a business trip to Hawaii, fulfilling one of my bucket list places to visit. I was on the 13th floor overlooking Waikiki beach from my balcony enjoying the ocean breeze. But despite the beauty all around me the only thing I could think about was wanting to jump and escape the endless feeling of bitter depression and inescapable darkness. I went inside, curled up on the bed, and broke down. I knew then I had to seek help.

Since then I have been on a journey of self-discovery and finding my purpose. Back in college, I wanted to be a coach. I loved sports and I wanted to be the mentor to others that my coaches had been to me. I gave up on that dream because it was not a “practical” way to support a family, or at least that’s what I was convinced to believe. But one thing I’ve learned over the last several years is it’s never too late to chase your dreams. Now I am the coach I always wanted to be, but rather than a sports coach I’m coaching entrepreneurs to overcome fears and stress about how to put the pieces together to run their business. And for those that have no desire to learn systems, we do it for them so they can focus on the area of business they enjoy. This includes websites, marketing, office systems, financials, CRM and customer support to name a few.

I believe it’s the details that keep people from launching their dream business or wondering, where is the freedom that comes from being an entrepreneur. This is where I get excited and love helping people regain their confidence and finally achieve the wealth and freedom they desire.

Shawn Moser, PMP
(aka; CoachMo)